EBOOST Solution for Electric Cars


EBOOST smart and high-performing charger for commercial and public applications is used in Residential Condominiums, Offices, Commercial & Industrial buildings. It comes with 2 options: a standard 7.4kW and fast-charger with 22kW power outlet.

EBOOST Solution for Electric Cars


This is our beautiful charger for homes / villas / or private businesses. It comes with 2 options: a standard 7.4kW and fast-charger with 22kW power outlet.

EBOOST Solution for Electric Bikes


This is our smart charging solution for electric bikes for commercial and public applications such as residential med-highrise buildings (apartments), offices, factories, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, or other similar building types…

EBOOST APP for EV users

APP for electric bikes & cars charging stations

Enhance your charging experience with EBOOST smart and convenient APP. Download now your APP either for electric bikes or for electric cars depending on your requirements. With EBOOST APP, you can access the nationwide charging network quick and easy.

EBOOST charges all electric vehicle brands (both for e-car & e-bike)

Power your electric bike & car with EBOOST APP

Access EBOOST nation-wide network remotely

Control the charging station as you like

Monitor charging progress and view historical statistics

Pay simply via e-wallet



What our EV users & building partners say:

“The modern EBOOST APP with real-time features helps users to track the charging process and level of their electric vehicles. The charging of electric vehicles in my apartment is limited due to shared electricity. I often have to carry heavy batteries or use a trolley to pull the batteries up to the house, which is very laborious. Therefore, I often use EBOOST’s charging station right in my office parking lot, which is extremely convenient. I am satisfied with the charging experience using EBOOST and willing to recommend to my relatives to use EBOOST in the near future.”

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Hà Hoàng / Deutsches Haus

“Because I used to have a small need to travel by motorbike, I often had the problem of gas cars being clogged with gas due to being left unused for a long time. Then, when I had a small child, I started thinking a lot about protecting the environment, so I decided to buy an electric Evida bike. I can almost use the EBOOST app easily. The design of EBOOST at that time was quite simple, but controlling everything on the phone application and even giving instructions to beloved ones is simple. I have been and continued to spread the green choice with electric Evida vehicles and the choice of electric charging with EBOOST.”

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Việt Anh / Diamond Island

“I would just like to thank you all for the service I received by using an EBOOST Car charging solution. The installation was super clean and done within a few hours. Great product, easy to use and saves a ton of space. I will make sure I recommend your charging solution to my friends who decide to get an electric vehicle.

Highly recommended for EV charging!”

Stephen / Thảo Điền