In the pursuit of environmental protection, green vehicles have gained significant popularity in developed countries like the United States, China and European nations. The future impact of this trend is substantial, and with the increasing demand for electric vehicle charging, investing in charging stations is crucial to encourage community-wide transition to electric vehicles.

Advantages of Investing in Electric Charging Stations

  • Attract and retain customers, showcasing pride in being an eco-conscious company. Electric charging can be part of a larger sustainability goal and help achieve green certifications such as LOTUS, LEED, Green Mark and more.
  • Increase traffic to your business or building, promoting it as an environmentally friendly establishment.
  • EBOOST provides the entire charging equipment and installation for free, eliminating investment and operational costs for the charging station.
  • EBOOST ensures safe installation, maintenance support, and regular system upgrades to ensure a seamless and continuous charging service.
  • We guarantee accurate reimbursement for the electricity consumed by your business. EBOOST is currently one of the leading brands deploying independent charging stations for all electric vehicle models in Vietnam.

With the aim of providing convenience to electric vehicle users, EBOOST is continuously expanding the charging station network across the country.

Customers interested in EBOOST charging stations or partners who need to exchange information about the design, installation, and operation of the charging system, please refer to our information via hotline 0868 108 011 or email customer care at support@eboost.vn.