Electric motorcycles have become increasingly popular due to their compactness, elegance and eco-friendliness. However, selecting the perfect electric motorcycle can be a challenging task, especially with the multitude of new models flooding the market. Today, EBOOST will provide a review of the most suitable electric motorcycle models for use in the Vietnamese market.


Key criteria to consider when choosing a suitable electric motorcycle

1. Design/Weight

Each model comes with different designs, sizes and weights. To choose the right electric motorcycle for your needs, prioritize the design you prefer and consider the weight for ease of use.

2. Power Source/Battery

Type Currently, the market offers two types of electric motorcycles: those using Lithium batteries and those using lead-acid batteries. Lithium battery-powered motorcycles have numerous advantages, such as safety, longer lifespan and more efficient charging compared to lead-acid batteries. However, the higher price of Lithium battery-powered motorcycles may require careful consideration based on your individual needs.

3. Warranty Policy

Most electric motorcycles on the market come with a warranty period of around three years, depending on the manufacturer and retailer. Therefore, it is essential to purchase from reputable sources with reliable warranty and repair policies.


Top 5 Best Electric Motorcycle Brands

1. Vinfast

Vinfast is perhaps the first brand that comes to mind when discussing electric motorcycles in Vietnam. Vinfast electric motorcycles offer various outstanding features, such as a lightweight, luxurious design and modern equipment. However, due to limited practical experiences on various terrains, Vinfast has yet to fully surpass well-established competitors in this market.

2. Honda

Apart from its renowned motorcycles and cars, Honda has also made a strong impact on the electric motorcycle market. The brand is known for its durability, quality and sophisticated, luxurious design despite only recently entering this market. Additionally, Honda electric motorcycles boast modern technology, resulting in excellent battery and lead-acid performance. Considering the advantages mentioned above, Honda electric motorcycles are generally priced higher than the market average.

3. Dibao

Dibao is a reputable brand in the electric motorcycle industry, offering a variety of trendy, fashionable and stylish designs in a wide range of attractive colors. Furthermore, Dibao electric motorcycles are equipped with advanced features and functions, providing smooth operations at prices ranging from 14 to 17 million VND per unit.

4. Yadea

Although relatively new to the Vietnamese market, Yadea is a well-known electric motorcycle brand globally. In contrast to conventional electric motorcycles, Yadea places strong emphasis on meticulous design and modern technology, incorporating unique smart features.

5. Yamaha

Yamaha electric motorcycles boast a sleek, fashionable design with a diverse range of models that cater to different age groups. Additionally, these motorcycles offer durability and smooth performance at affordable prices ranging from 13 to 20 million VND, making them a suitable choice for those seeking elegant design, reliable performance and a moderate price range.


This article has provided information on the characteristics of various electric motorcycle models from different manufacturers, giving a comprehensive overview of the electric motorcycle market in Vietnam. To enhance your electric motorcycle experience, you can utilize EBOOST’s open charging stations, a charging system designed for all electric motorcycle models with over 850 charging points across Vietnam.

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