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EBOOST is looking for partners either who have a need as a building to offer EV charging solutions to their customers, tenants or residents, or who want to join hands in transforming Vietnam into a more healthier place to live and therefore, expand EBOOST network by distributing or installing EBOOST solutions.

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Do you want to offer a smart charging solution to your residents or tenants, and therefore elevate your building to the next step?

No matter if you’re a developer, building management company or building owner, EBOOST wants to partner with you to help you elevating your facilities to the next step. It’s critical for buildings and facilities in general to respond to their residents and tenants needs – EV charging is one of those needs and rapidly becoming a decisive factor of whether potential clients select your building or another one. Furthermore, it will support your GREEN journey to help making a sustainable impact for your clients and the building itself.

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Do you want to become an official EBOOST distributor and/or installer in your area?

EBOOST works with partners all around Vietnam. Whether you’re a big corporation or a small business, we support you with our expertise so you can offer the best service to your clients. EV charging is a critical enabler for the Vietnamese transition to a more healthier place to live, work and relax. Be part of it and support the GREEN journey. Our Sales and Technical Experts advise you on how to make the most of selling and installing EBOOST chargers in your market.

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Are you EV-user and need a charging solution for your electric car or bike at your home or apartment building?

Congratulations for driving GREEN and become a pioneer to a more healthier place to live and work. EBOOST is very keen to provide you the most suitable charging solution – either at your private home or in your apartment building (in which we will work with the relevant management). 

Contact us now and let us know your needs – we find the right solution for you!

Become Our Partner!