Green Growth Strategy, Corporate Responsibility

A new method of achieving economic growth called “green growth strategy” seeks to bring about overall prosperity for nations. Vietnam has released its 2021–2030 National Strategy for Green Growth, Vision 2050. Consequently, we pledge to change the growth model to focus on environmentally friendly economic sectors.

This includes the economical and efficient exploitation and use of natural resources and energy, the application of digital technology and digital transformation, and the development of sustainable infrastructure to improve growth quality and minimize negative impact on the environment. Corporations also play an important role in performing environmental protection well, while improving competitiveness and ensuring sustainable development.

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Participating in the Green Growth Strategy, businesses can receive the following benefits:

  • New business opportunities: Green growth opens up opportunities for businesses to participate in new fields, such as renewable energy, green technology, and environmentally friendly products. This can help create new revenue sources and expand markets.
  • Improve image and reputation: Businesses implementing green growth demonstrate commitment to the environment and society. This can improve their image in customers, partners, and the community’s perspective.
  • Cost savings: Applying green technology and optimizing resources helps reduce production costs, save energy, and reduce emissions. This can create sustainable profits for businesses.
  • Compliance with regulations and policies: Engaging in green growth enables companies to adhere to government regulations and policies for environmental preservation and sustainable development.
  • Collaboration and connection: Businesses can cooperate with organizations, government agencies, and other partners to share experiences, learn, and promote green growth.

In short, participating in a green growth strategy not only brings benefits to businesses but also contributes to protecting the environment and building a sustainable future.

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In addition, according to Mr. Nguyen Hoa Cuong – Deputy Director of the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM), “Although green growth and circular economy have become the current trend, there are still many limitations”.

  • The green economy or circular economy has only been introduced at the strategic level but has not yet been concretized into specific policies, plans or actions.
  • The application of green growth and circular economy models requires modern technology, leading to large investment costs. This is a major barrier for organizations and businesses when financial resources have long been a weakness of Vietnamese businesses.
  • Consumers still do not have the habit of “green” consumption and environmental protection.

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So can EBOOST help businesses participate in the country’s green growth strategy in the period 2021 – 2030?

With advanced technology and a high-quality system, EBOOST can assist you in installing the smart open charging solution for electric bikes and cars. System development, installation, operation, and maintenance are all completely integrated in one package solution. You just need to provide a power source, and EBOOST will do the rest. We also have a hotline that is open 24/7.

As the demand and number of electric vehicles increase, EBOOST looks forward to working with you to provide convenience and better services to users, regardless of whether you are a developer, enterprise, building manager, or building owner. Moreover, this will facilitate your GREEN journey in order to create a sustainable impact on both your clients and your company – which the Green Growth Strategy aims for.

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