Empowering Green Buildings: EBOOST Wraps Up 2023 with Key Installations and a Commitment to Sustainability

As we wrap up an electrifying year, EBOOST is proud to highlight key installations that have powered the journey towards a greener future.
From the heart of Ho Chi Minh City with Define – Capitaland, Estella Heights, One Verandah, Kingdom 101, to the vibrant landscape of Hanoi with UDIC and beyond, including projects like CAESAR apartment in Danang, we’ve been committed to expanding charging convenience for EV users nationwide.
 Looking ahead, EBOOST is more than a charging solution, we are a partner in building a sustainable tomorrow. With each installation, we strive to contribute to the green aspirations of buildings, companies and individuals. As we step into the new year, our commitment to fostering a greener landscape for all remains unwavering. Thank you for being part of the EBOOST journey toward a sustainable future!