Ho Chi Minh City, October 11, 2023 – EBOOST, the leading open electric vehicle charging network in Vietnam and MY HOUSE Real Estate Services Joint Stock Company, a reputable real estate management firm, has agreed to work closely together in providing smart and safe charging solutions where applicable to support Vietnams’ transition to a healthier living environment. This collaboration amplifies both companies’ mission to bring enhanced value and convenience to the community through cutting-edge and safe technology while promoting green transportation.

EBOOST and MY HOUSE during the meeting discussed and agreed upon the collaboration methods between the two parties.

Innovative Technology Enabling Safe and Convenient Charging

The collaboration aims to equip convenient and dedicated locations with tech-based, safe and smart EV charging solutions. This is a critical step to meet the growing demand for electric mobility infrastructure and promote the use of electric vehicles, following governments goals to reduce carbon emissions and thus contribute to a sustainable environment now and for our future generations.

Maximizing Convenience for EV-Users

EBOOST’s solution and its technology enables EV-users to find stations, control the charging process and get full transparent information for the electric vehicle charging through a smart mobile application. Furthermore, the charging stations themselves are equipped with all required safety features following the international IEC 61581 standards.

The objective of this collaboration is directed towards sustainable living environments and meeting the growing demand for EV charging within the community.

Building a Green Future Together

This initial collaboration with MY HOUSE, a company with over 15 years of experience in consulting and managing large real estate projects across Vietnam, holds great promise in providing smart and safe electric vehicle charging infrastructure to dedicated buildings or locations.

Leveraging the expertise and specialization of both entities, the goal of this collaboration is to promote sustainable and eco-friendly living environments that meet the increasing demand for electric vehicle charging within urban areas. Both EBOOST and MY HOUSE are committed to jointly develop safe & smart solutions, supporting the community and contributing to a sustainable and green future for Vietnam.


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