EBOOST has been put into operation at the shopping mall chain GO! / BigC – it is the first smart EV charging solution available. Pushed by the trend of electric mobility, EBOOST ambition is to enhance the consumers experience at all GO! shopping malls.

EBOOST – a smart electric vehicle charging solution
In recent years, electric vehicles have become more and more popular, and Vietnam is no exception to this trend. However, charging facilities are still rare which makes many users afraid to switch. EBOOST is a smart electric vehicle charging solution with a network of charging stations that are easily searchable and manageable through the app.
Besides the convenience and professionalism, EBOOST charging solution “got plus scores” as an electric vehicle charging service using 100% environmentally friendly renewable electricity. Besides other things, this makes EBOOST unique in the market, with efforts to minimize the impact on the environment, bringing a total green experience to their users.

EBOOST charging stations are now available at cutting-edge buildings in Ho Chi Minh City and rapidly expanding to major cities and provinces. The solution is trusted by large buildings such as Deutsches Haus which is a building that won the prestigious LEED Green Building Award & Certificate; as well as other Grade A buildings like Diamond Island, The Nassim, Serenity Sky Villas, .. and recently one of the leading shopping malls GO! (formerly known as BigC).

GO! BigC and the transition
By the end of 2019, Kantar Worldpanel, one of the globally leading market research and consulting companies, revealed that in the perception of Vietnamese consumers, the GO! / BigC hypermarket is one of leading brand in the field of food regarding good prices and variety of high quality products. With a supermarket system spread across the country, GO!/BigC is one of the retail chains with the highest growth in terms of shoppers and spending per purchase.

Starting some time ago, BigC supermarket is transforming into new name of GO! with the commitment to offer new and enhanced shopping experiences including upgraded facilities, modern and more comfortable shopping space with large parking space, and integrated booths in the mall.

EBOOST at GO! / BigC is an other piece that will elevate the customer experience
In November 2021, EBOOST became the first electric vehicle charging solution to go live at GO! / Big C. This improvement of customer service is an important piece to complete the strategy of enhancing the shopping experience for consumers that the hypermarket has set out.
The adoption of electric vehicle charging solutions shows the vision of GO! in the global context and affirms the trend of electric vehicle mobility in the coming years. As one of the pioneering electric vehicles charging solutions for Vietnamese users, EBOOST integrates IoT technology with a user-friendly APP, That will ensure a great experience for any EV consumer while shopping at GO!.